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San Diego: 2008

This is a preliminary post, a line cast into the interwebs if you will, to find out if people would be interested in a San Diego Pants Party.  I do not know time, date or location but here is the contact person:



5 Responses to “San Diego: 2008”

  1. Seabass said

    I’ve been tossing ideas around with some others about this Spring 2008 Pants Party. Some of those interested are local to the So-Cal area, others seem interested in flying in for a weekend.

    If people are willing to make a vacation out of this, we might as well do it up big. Commenter Preston Seider suggested renting a bus with a keg on it (I like where this is going already…), watching one weekend game in S.D. and then taking the Drunk Bus up to Anaheim/L.A. for another.

    If anyone else has any ideas, post ’em in these here comments or send me an email.


  2. Preston said

    There’s gotta be an Outback Steakhouse in the area where we can, you know, roll up in DeadSpin One and ‘greet’ some ladies

  3. Count Ripe said

    I am 100% down for anything, as long as Leitch is there.

  4. Kate said

    Did you know that there’s a concession stand specifically for the kiddos, in the outfield of Petco Park, and not only is it called the Swingin’ Friar (just wrong on so many levels), they sell $1.50 hot dogs. And PB&J sammiches! I don’t know about you, but I loooves me some beer and PB&J. Catch is, you technically gotta have a kid or be a kid in order to partake of the, ahem, Friar’s goods. Where am I going with all of this? Midgets. That’s where. Who’s with me??!

  5. HugsFromHarold said

    and a side-trip down to Tijuana for some Donkey Show action?

    I do love PEtCo and some Rubio’s Fish Tacos.
    But I do wonder what Randy Jones’s qualifications are to open up a BBQ stand at Petco. At least Boog Powell and Greg Luzinski look like they eat BBQ.

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