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So you may be asking yourself, “Self, what exactly is a Pants Party and what goes on at one?”  Well, I’m here to let you know.  I’ve been to the last few PPs and they have all been a complete blast.  Here are some pictures and recaps:


All the boys at the pre-game

It was bring your dog to the park night.
We found some furries……

After the game, we found live-band karaoke.


New York

There were girls at the NYC PP!  WOO!

There was also lots of drinking……

Who doesn’t like shots of Jaeger?



We had people there who aren’t even DSpinners!
Friends of Enrico at The 700 Level.

The Comment Guru and Sally

We all got a little sunburned……


3 Responses to “Pants Party Photos”

  1. Matthew said

    Here is the link to some photos from Atlanta…

  2. Here’s a link to Miami:

  3. PQ Crash said

    And here’s a few photos from the Seattle Pants Party.

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