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The Ground Zero for Deadspin Gatherings

Posted by ladyandrea on June 25, 2007

Got a Pants Party in the works?  Lemme know…

And it’ll go up here, with its own comment thread and everything.  Details can be worked out, people can be contacted, and finally people will stop bitching about not knowing about a gathering in time (hopefully.  maybe.  prolly not.).  Each Pants Party that I am made aware of will have its own page on here, they are across the top in order of soonest to latest.  The PP coming up soonest will be the top post on the site. 


8 Responses to “The Ground Zero for Deadspin Gatherings”

  1. UkraineNotWeak said


    I posted a change in plans for the Atlanta PP under Atlanta. Now going to be August 3rd.

  2. JP said

    Thank you Andrea for setting this up!

  3. Rachel said

    When are you doing LA! City of Angels! and Dodgers! and Matt Lienart’s illegitimate brood!

  4. ladyandrea said

    As soon as someone organizes one.

  5. Roy Hobbs said

    I don’t have an email address for you, Lady A, but we pretty much have the Seattle PP set up. Mariners-Devil Rays on September 14th, University of Washington vs. Ohio State (football) on Saturday. The Dear Leader has tentatively agreed to attend.

    Thanks for setting this thing up, Lady A – a stroke of genius.

  6. UkraineNotWeak said

    The date of the Atlanta Pants Party has been changed to :


    Will wants to come to the one in Atlanta, never been to The Ted, and he definitely can’t make one on the 3rd but he can possibly make it on August 17th. Those who wish to attend on the 17th can e-mail me at Details on the cost of tickets will be forthcoming.

  7. Seabass said

    Lady Andrea,

    It seems like there could be some interest brewing in a San Diego Pants Party. Us left-coasters are feeling left out. The idea was born in this thread, and it looks like there are 6 or 7 people right off the bat that showed interest.

    Would you want to throw up a poll or something so we could gauge interest? Lemme know: mikesebeckis at gmail dot com.


  8. BrianVan said

    Errr, don’t you think it’s a little too soon to be having parties there? Perhaps it’s insensitive. Besides, they still haven’t rebuilt any good bars at Ground Zero, never mind one we can catch a game at.

    (oh. sorry.)

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