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East Coast Pants Party Pt. Deux

Posted by ladyandrea on January 22, 2008

Who: Staten Island Yankees vs. Brooklyn Cyclones
Where: Keyspan Park, Brooklyn  (near lovely Coney Island)
When: Sat., Aug. 2, 2008.  Game is at 6 pm.
How Much: $15/person

I’m buying a block of tickets on March 3rd.  Drop me a line if you’re interested!


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Hockey Pants Party

Posted by ladyandrea on November 2, 2007

Lovely Clare of Plunk Chutley and Ladies would love to find out the interest level in a hockey pants party. She is thinking possibly a Flyers game. Email her if you have any interest:

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The Ground Zero for Deadspin Gatherings

Posted by ladyandrea on June 25, 2007

Got a Pants Party in the works?  Lemme know…

And it’ll go up here, with its own comment thread and everything.  Details can be worked out, people can be contacted, and finally people will stop bitching about not knowing about a gathering in time (hopefully.  maybe.  prolly not.).  Each Pants Party that I am made aware of will have its own page on here, they are across the top in order of soonest to latest.  The PP coming up soonest will be the top post on the site. 

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